How to Prevent Your Face from being Oily

How to Prevent Your Face from being Oily Fast Naturally at Home
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Oily skin is every woman’s nightmare. Imagine applying make-up on your face for hours only to see grease emerging from your skin just after a few minutes.

I’m not really surprised why there’s no shortage of articles on How To Stop Oily Skin in every Women’s magazines.

It’s a good thing there are already a lot of remedies for oily skin in the market, but you still have to be careful in choosing which will work for you.

How to Prevent Your Face from being Oily

One way to make you oil-free is by using a primer for oily skin.

Most women think it’s only used to moisturize and conceal wrinkles. Wrong! It’s actually one of the most effective remedies for oily skin.

What exactly does a primer do for your skin?

A primer works in many different and very beneficial ways.

Here’s what I like best: you no longer have to worry about constantly retouching and continuously asking your friend if you need to put face powder already. It works well with most natural face masks too!

A primer creates a protective barrier on your skin that helps make your powder long-lasting.

It also hydrates and moisturizes your skin, giving you a younger and brighter glow. In short, it makes you look fresh all the time!

Famous make-up artists and A-list celebrities all swear by using a primer for oily skin.

If it works for them and their busy schedule, it should work for you too! Not only do you get a more natural and flawless celebrity like look, but also an oil-free face.

So how should you apply a primer for oily skin?

A lot of my friends often ask me How to Stop Oily Skin with a primer.

Remember ladies, you should apply the primer first before putting on your concealer, foundation and the rest of your make up. If you don’t apply it, the foundation will just melt into your skin.

So the next question is, how to get even skin. Simple: apply a primer for oily skin evenly and thoroughly on your face and neck. Then dab a little concealer on your problem areas and cover your face with just enough foundation.

Our top pick

While there are a lot of remedies for oily skin in the market, it’s still best to go natural.

You don’t want to risk spending too much on something that doesn’t work and could even damage your skin.

Milk of Magnesia is the cheapest and most effective primer for oily skin.

It contains zinc and magnesium, which almost works like a calamine lotion. It dries off quickly and at the same time, treats blemishes and light scars on your face.

There are two ways you can use milk of magnesia: first as a mask and second, as a topical cream.

It is highly recommended to apply it directly to your face once a day and only once a month if you use it as a mask.

A small amount will do; it shouldn’t even be visible on your skin. Once it’s set, you can go ahead and put your make up on.

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