Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Taking Care Of Delicate Sensitive Skin Could Be Easier Than You Think

If you have sensitive skin, then it is important to know how to take care of it; so, read on learn some vital sensitive skin care tips.

If you have skin reactions or your skin feels uncomfortable when you put on normal topical applications, then you probably have sensitive skin.

Same is also true if you blush easily or have a flushed face sometimes. This condition may also be the result of allergic contact dermatitis, rosacea, urticaria (hives), or atopic dermatitis (eczema).

What are the Causes of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can also be the result of the exposure of nerve endings from excessive dryness or scrubbing. Taking long hot showers can also do this to your skin.

Sometimes sensitive skin is hereditary. Additionally, long exposure to the environmental conditions such as dryness, heat and cold can wreak havoc on the skin.

Your age may also be a factor. The older you are, the more sensitive your skin may become.

Soap for Sensitive Skin

You might wonder what all the fuss is about soap. Regular soap scours the face, and if you want to protect your skin from that, then you will have to invest in soap free cleansers or low to mild soaps.

This is because the pH in those products is low. Special wash sponges should also be used because the regular wash cloths can irritate and scrape away vital layers of oil needed to protect it.

Best Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin

Choose moisturizers that have natural emollients like Olive oil, Macadamia and Avocado oil because they help absorb water into the skin and keep the moisture in throughout the day.

Stay away from products that contain fragrances, alcohols, parabens and other irritants. Avoid antibacterial soaps, deodorant soaps and soaps that have alcohol in them.

Soaps containing alpha hydroxy acids may also be too strong for your skin, so avoid those as well.

Best Sensitive Skin Care Products

Quality sensitive skin care products should contain all natural ingredients that are proven to gentle and soothing to the skin. Stay away from the cosmetics that repel water.

You will have to get it off at the end of the day, so use one that can be removed with water.

If you tend to touch your face a lot, stay away from nail polish because it can irritate your delicate skin.

Mascara and eyeliner do not have very many allergens in them, so they are generally safe to use.

The best place to test a new product is right behind the ear before you go to bed. If you don’t have any irritations when you wake up, apply it along your eye.

If you still don’t have any irritations, then you can apply it to your face and it should be safe to use.

If you follow these tips and use quality sensitive skin care products, you will gradually but surely achieve the beautiful glowing skin you desire.