Homemade Recipes for Beauty

Homemade Recipes for Beauty

Homemade Recipes for Beauty: Beauty can be expensive. It seems that everyplace is trying to sell treatment for the hair, skin and face. A lot of these products are ridiculously overpriced.

In addition, there are ideological concerns like whether or not the products have been used on pets or if the ingredients are all natural.

Using homemade recipes for beauty is fine way to look beautiful without the price or hassle of store brought products.

Homemade Recipes for Beauty

Hair is probably the easiest thing to remedy. Many times what the hair needs are oils and everything from peanut to avocado has oil in it.

When a beautiful mane starts looking like straw, here is a homemade conditioner that will make it look shinier and smoother.

The ingredients to this are a half cup of honey, a half cup of warmed olive oil, four drops of essential oil of rosemary and teaspoon of xanthan gum. The last ingredient can be found at health food stores.

Mix these all together and apply to slightly dampened hair. Massage thoroughly, especially into the scalp, the cover with a warm towel. Leave it like this for thirty minutes, shampoo and rinse with cold water.

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

A quintessential of hair care is brushing. Frequent brushing removes dirt and disperses the natural oils. The brush should start at the scalp and reach down to the tips.

The nape should also be brushed with the head flipped over. It is recommended that this is done for one hundred strokes a day.

Facial masks are easy to make. For this mask all that is needed is one avocado, one carrot, cooked and mashed, a half cup of heavy cream and three tablespoons of honey.

Combine them all together and then spread over face. Leave on for ten through fifteen minutes, rinse with cool water then apply toner.

Homemade Recipes for Clear Skin

For the body there are numerous things to be done. Perhaps the most simply product to make for the body is a scrub. A very invigorating one involves using coffee.

Brew organic caffeinated coffee and blend with one tablespoon of salt. The grinds have to be taken within twenty minutes of brewing so that it is being used before oxidation occurs.

For a gentle and skin smoothing bath here is another recipe. These recipes calls for three tablespoons dried lavender leaves, one and half cups of whole milk or cream or a combination of the two, and one third cup of honey.

Recipes for Skin on Chicken Things

The lavender leaves can be found at the spice section of a gourmet food store or at specialty stores. Take the leaves and blend them until a fine powder then whisk it with the remaining ingredients. Put this jar and refrigerate for up to one week. For each bath use half the jar.

These homemade recipes for beauty are so simple to create. They are not expensive and they are all natural. Most of the ingredients can be found in the kitchen.