How To Clear Pimple Marks on Face
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Of the biggest problem faced while growing up is to deal with pimples and the scares that remind you of this terrible reality.

It is a very natural process and every person goes through this when they are growing up. But the scares left behind this natural process could be devastating marks.

These scares could be red spots or black marks people with fairer skin tend to have red marks as pimple scare and people with tanner complexion experience black marks.

How To Clear Pimple Marks Naturally

It is generally known that these marks remain on your skin because you pick your pimples. Which obviously sounds very gross, but trust me people do this very often.

So my first suggestion would be very easy and simple to follow. Please leave your pimples along do not touch them.

I repeat do not touch your pimples touching or picking your pimples could make the situation worse as it can spread the infection to other areas as well.

How To Clear Pimple Marks
How To Clear Pimple Marks

Second other simple solution is keeping the pores of your skin clean. A pimple happens because of excess of oil so do not allow oily secretions to accumulate! That’s all.

For this you need to follow strict cleansing routine with products that suit your skin type. People with oily skin should avoid using oily cleanser; they should opt for milk based cleansers that are easily available in the market.

How To Clear Pimple Marks On Face

There are many chemical creams and ointments that help to reduce these problems. But simple home based remedies are best because not only they are effective but they are also chemical free and ingredients are easily found in your kitchen.

Let me tell you some of these wonderful remedies.

Try rubbing ice cubes on your face this would close all the tiny pores on your face and prevent sebum from accumulating in the pores. So when you don’t have pimples then why worry about scares?

If you have to deal with excessive open pores on your skin then take an egg white whisk it and apply it on your face it helps in tighten the facial pores. (How To Clear Pimple Marks Naturally)

One of the best solutions could be lemon juice it is best known for its antibacterial qualities. All you need to do is apply lemon juice with the help of cotton balls on your face and wash it off with lukewarm water.

It will not only help in reducing pimples but also help in lighten the dark spots that are left behind by the pimples.

How To Clear Pimple Marks Fast

Another alternative to lemon juice is honey you could apply honey on your face overnight and wash it next morning you’ll not only have baby soft skin but also marks free skin as honey is known for its healing properties.

You could even trying washing your face with baking soda or chick pea flour commonly known as basin both of these are tried and test remedies to eliminate pimple marks.

For even better results add Rose water and make a paste of both these ingredients apply as a mask slowly rub this paste when dry and then enjoy your baby soft skin. How To Clear Pimple Marks

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