All about Stretch Marks Removal Methods

All about Stretch Marks Removal Methods

All about Stretch Marks Removal Methods

There are numerous methods for stretch marks removal advertised online, at newspapers and magazines and even hospitals.

The ugliness of stretch mark’s appearance makes most women panic in finding the best method of removing them.

But, before subscribing into a particular method, it is best that you first learn all about stretch marks removal.

Stretch Marks Causes

Stretch marks are caused by the breaking down of collagen on the as a result of added weight or skin stretching during pregnancy.

For most cases, the skin is not able to heal itself and return to its original state that causes those ugly stretch marks.

Because of those unsightly marks, women look for the effective method for their removal.

Stretch marks removal may be divided into four major categories that include the following.

Natural Stretch Mark Removal Method

Natural method uses stretch marks removal creams and lotions. Most of these topical creams contain collagen and elastin, which helps the underlying tissue of the skin to grow.

Other skin building compounds are added to these creams to enhance effectiveness in keeping the skin elastic and maintain moisture. When choosing this method, keep in mind that not all creams will have the same results.

There are creams that will work well and there are some that will not. Also, the result will depend on how well your skin reacts to the ingredients used in the cream.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Method

Laser stretch marks removal may involve a number of techniques or procedures.

Two of the popular procedures are the stimulation of the formulation of collagen in the skin in order to help in the filling of pigments and the removal of scarred layer of the skin to allow newer skin to grow.

Take note that using method may take some time before the desired result is achieved. Not all stretch marks are removed through this method.

Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks (Surgical Method)

Deep set stretch marks and older stretch marks are more difficult to remove and the only possible method for their removal is through the surgical stretch marks removal.

Surgery involves the removal of the skin where the worst marks are. For badly stretched skin, tummy tuck is the recommended procedure. It is common to experience minimal pain after the surgery is done.

Chemical Peel Stretch Marks Removal Method

Chemical peel stretch marks removal deals with the exfoliation of the topmost part of the skin by the application of certain chemical solutions.

It is common for these solutions to contain acid, which makes the skin blister before peeling off. New skin will grow underneath that are smoother and with lesser well-defined stretch marks.

Which method to use to remove your stretch marks will depend on the condition of your skin, your tolerance to pain, patience, and your budget?

Removal creams and other cosmetic creams are normally expensive, and so are cosmetic procedures and surgery.

Let a dermatologist examine first the condition of your stretch marks in order get advice on the best method that will work well with you.

Stretch marks removal may help, but still the best is prevention; so take care of your skin. (All about Stretch Marks Removal Methods)