Small Red Spots On Skin: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Small Red Spots On Skin

Small Red Spots On Skin: Red spots on skin are referred as red freckles. Red freckles appear on the skin due to the dilation of high number of the blood vessels underneath the skin.Medically these red freckles are nothing to worry about. The word cherry is associated to these freckles because of the cherry red like appearance of the freckles.

These red spots/freckles on the skin usually differ in size. Some of them might appear really small on contrary to which others being the size of a mole. The red color of these bulging out or flat red freckles may vary from bright red to black in color.

Usually the red spots/red freckles are totally not to worry about and don’t require any special treatments while removal options are available. The frequency of these red freckles may increase with increasing age of the person.

Tiny Red Spots On You Skin: What Causes Red Spots/Red Freckles On Skin

The cause of appearance/ formation of the red spots/red freckles might be due to a number of reasons sometimes it’s inherited, on the other hand excessive sun exposure may damage your skin resulting in formation of red freckles.

Increasing age may also be a cause of red spots on your skin. Lastly, as mentioned earlier the dilation of blood vessels is one of the major causes of appearance of red freckles.

Small Red Spots on Skin that Itch

Red freckles may appear all over the body or on selective body parts. Red freckles are very commonly found on the hands and the feet.

These red spots/red freckles have a tendency to appear mostly on the torso. Areas having mucus membranes are also highly prone of having these red freckles.

The red freckles may require dermatologist checkup in case they develop on the face. Even if they do appear on the face there’s nothing to panic about as treatments are available to cure these red marks.

When To Be Concerned About Red Spots/Red Freckles

Red freckles are usually nothing to worry about, as they might just be a result of excessive sun exposure and they are totally benign.

If you observe significant changes, in the number of red freckles, their size, color or they become painful, itchy or scratchy its far time to seek medical attention.

In rare cases, the regular and intense appearance of the red spots/red freckles may indicate and suggest the existence of an underlying and unknown disease such as cancer (which is in very rare cases.)

How To Treat Red Spots/Red Freckles On Skin

Some people are uncomfortable with the presence of the red freckles on their skin and would like to seek medical attention to get the rid of the freckle marks.

Treatments can be availed any time and they don’t require long surgical procedures and lasts usually just a few minutes.

Dermatologists now days have various skin treatments which include laser treatments, electrodessications etc.

Above mentioned treatments are usually very successful with no adverse side effects other than slight scarring, which too fade away with passing time.

Skin specialists usually don’t recommend any external skin treatments as red freckles will eventually go away on their own.