Acne Breakouts – Quick Tips to Stop Acne Breakouts

Acne Breakouts

Acne Breakouts: For many people acne flares up suddenly and without warning- you go to bed looking perfectly fine but you wake up with red volcanoes populating your forehead. This is called an acne breakout, or “eruption” as some people call it.

Your internal alarms go off and you panic, you smear all kinds of creams on it, wash it a thousand times, dry it out, and make it much much worse. Acne breakouts are a vicious cycle, but fear not- you can stop acne breakouts with a few of these skin care tips.

How to Treat Acne Breakouts Fast Naturally Overnight

The first and most important thing for preventing acne breakouts is to drink plenty of water. We are made up of 70% water, so you can see why our body cannot get enough of it.

I cannot stress this enough… why do you think models drink a gallon of water a day? It keeps the pipes running smoothly, cleaning out wastes and toxins from places like your liver which have a profound impact on your skin’s appearance.

This can be seen in the opposite, when someone has hepatitis or an unhealthy liver they have yellowed skin, etc.

You are what you eat – Eating the Right Foods Will Minimize Acne Breakouts

The next most important thing is to watch your diet. People like to say “chocolate doesn’t cause acne” and proceed to think they can eat whatever they want. This is just unfounded in fact.

For example, on a diet I did once back in my bodybuilding days I hate high amounts of protein and saturated fat… this led to more androgen production and my face become greasier than it ever had been.

Acne breakouts are no fun. Eat plenty of fiber and whole, healthy foods.I’m not saying stop eating the foods you like. I enjoy myself some Ben and Jerry’s (Peach cobbler, it’s phenomenal), so why deny yourself it?

When you start replacing sugar and fat filled foods with more wholesome sources, combined with increased water intake, you will see an exponential increase in appearance.

Exercise Minimizes Acne Breakouts

Once your diet is in check, it’s time to start exercising. Exercise is a great way to minimize acne breakouts. Most people limit themselves because when they think of exercise they think of work. They also think of cardiovascular exercise like jogging or bike riding.

Personally I’ve always been a fan of walking the dog and weight lifting. Weight lifting especially will do wonders for your skin. It is scientifically proven that lifting weights a few times a week keeps your body’s rate of protein synthesis SKY HIGH.

Combined with more protein in your diet, this means hair will grow faster, skin will heal faster, and you will look better naked. This goes for women too! Most women think working out like this will make them look chunky or fat. This is hardly the case: the “curves” all women long for are actually the result of developed muscle tissue. That’s right, you have to squat for that butt!

Moisturizing To Prevent Acne Breakouts

You should wash your face with a wash with no active ingredients, unless you are the type of person whose skin responds well to thinks like natural face cleanser. The goal is to minimize irritation, thus minimizing the impact of the acne breakout.

Acne Breakouts Home Remedies

Here’s what your step by step face wash routine should look like to minimize acne breakouts:

1. Wash face with cleanser – recommend Coconut Oil Face Cleanser, Apple Cider Vinegar Face Cleanser, Honey and Lemon Face Cleanser or Olive Oil Face Cleanser.

2. Pad off face gently, avoiding abrasion or roughness.

3. Gently apply any natural lotion/gel (please choose lotion/gel carefully) not cream, sometimes you can only get cream if that’s the case it’s fine, rubbing the tips of your fingers in small circles over the troubled spots.

4. Repeat step 3 two or three more times

5. Apply a moisturizer with no active ingredients and look for the words “non comedogenic moisturizer” or “oil free moisturizer”.

6. Do this once in the morning and once before bed.

Following these steps and taking into account the diet and lifestyle changes necessary for optimal complexion and physical appearance.

Yes, we know that this is not all that matters in life, but it’s good to be confident you always will look your best.