How to take away Pimples

How to take away Pimples

How to take away Pimples – What Helps with Pimples

It’s understandable, but it is also this perception that leads them to solutions that do not work or last very long.

It helps to get an understanding of what acne really is. Once you have that knowledge, it is easier to understand how to combat and prevent it.

A simple explanation of acne is “a skin problem caused when oil and dead skin cells clog up your pores”. The result is called acne, zits, pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Often times when a pimple appears on the face the immediate reaction is to pop it.

Mashing the zit with your fingernails seems like the best choice because who wants to walk around with a bump crowned with a white pustule head on their face.

But what happens more often than not is when it is mashed the infected material inside the pimple is pushed further into the skin making it take much longer to heal.

Pressing at the area will cause redness and swelling in are that will look much worse than leaving the whitehead till you can remove it properly.

Breaking the zit also gives it a lot stronger chance of scarring. Definitely not the right treatment for pimples you need.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on your Face

A better solution is to run a wash cloth under HOT WATER then press it onto the white head. Do this for awhile and it will push the pustule up and out.

Hot water should devolve the whitehead. Hold a tissue on it after it has dissolved. No need to press.

Another thing people often do is to try and scrub away the acne. Though again it may seem to make sense, since we are talking about unclogging our pores right?

But scrubbing will actually only cause there to be more inflammation and irritation.

Try gently washing your face with warm water and using a good ph balanced cleaner. That will leave your face looking and feeling much healthier.

The right medication will go a long way toward clearing your skin. But there are a lot of mistakes that are made with meds.

The first is just the point that people give up to soon on the product before it has a chance to work fully.

It can take up to 6-8 months to work properly. Even after you have had a good result you should stay with it and make sure not to stop too soon.

Secondly is the idea that multiple medications will work better together. That is absolutely not true and certain meds combined will actually react negatively on your skin.

If the treatment for pimples has progressed pass the point of over the counter help, you should see a dermatologist. This is an important point.

You do not want to wait so long that you have to consult a doctor and a surgeon to help with scars. Help yourself now.

How to deal with Pimples

Millions of people suffer with bad skin and acne problems. Sadly because of a lack of knowledge most will suffer with pimples on their face for their entire life.

Misinformation and quick fix products lead to poor solutions that get very little long term results.

These treatments for pimples work in the short term, but will not cure acne permanently.

  1. Vitamins. Yes Vitamins are crucial – The primary issue behind your acne break out is a deficiency of nutrients and a daily vitamin regimen is a key way of ensuring you get the nutrients you need to maintain a strong immune system to fight pimples on face, pimples on back, or anywhere else. Zinc, Vitamins A, B and E, echinacea, thyme, and tree tea oil are all recommended. And Vitamin B complex is one the most immediately effective vitamins for clearing up pimples on the face.
  1. Eat Correctly – Fatty and greasy foods will lead to acne/pimple outbreaks and cause zits. There. Said it. You should avoid eating these foods as much as possible.