How to Safely Remove Sunspots from Your Skin

How to Safely Remove Sunspots from Your Skin

How to Safely Remove Sunspots from Your Skin: Are you not happy with the sunspots that have developed on your skin over time? Well thankfully, there are effective ways to get rid of sunspots so you can keep your skin as bright and as radiant as possible.

But before we get into the different treatment options available, let’s quickly go over how they are created in the first place.

Most people assume that dark age or sun spots form because we age. Technically, you could agree that this is true.  However, it’s not the natural aging process that causes sunspots to form.

It’s the sun’s UV rays that ultimately create brown age spots on your skin.  They develop over time as you are more exposed to UV radiation, which is why they are still considered by many as a sign of aging.

How to Safely Remove Sunspots from Your Skin

To keep things simple, all you really need to know is that age spots are really clumps or blotches of melanin pigment.  This pigment is created by your body to protect your skin from UV radiation.

These melanin pigments absorb the rays from the sun in order to prevent them from damaging your skin.  Over time, these pigments can clump together and form dark sunspots on your skin.

So when you think about it, having dark sunspots on your skin is not a TOTAL negative. It proves that your skin is working hard to protect your health.

It also tells you that you’re not providing enough protection for it either by wearing sunscreen when outside for extended periods of time.  But still, they are not the most attractive things to see on your skin so treatment for them is understandable.

How to Get Rid of Sunspots on Your Skin

When it comes to removing dark liver spots from your skin, there are a few potential treatment options available- some being more safe and some being more intrusive.

If you were to go see a doctor, they would probably just prescribe you a bleaching medication like hydroquinone or tretinoin along with a minor steroid.  This may gradually fade age spots over several months, but it doesn’t work for all people.

If you know anything about prescribed medications though, you can probably guess that they are not cheap.  And since sunspot removal is not covered by most health insurance plans, get ready to pay out of pocket for these prescriptions.

Another option to get rid of sunspots is laser therapy or chemical peels practiced by a licensed doctor.

These processes burn off the top layer of your skin (specifically the melanocytes that create the dark pigment) so a new layer can form.  This process often requires several sessions and it can be rather expensive.

Results can be seen after weeks or months of healing.