How to Remove Zits

How to Remove Zits

How to Remove Zits: Regardless of our age, there always seems to be a time when a pimple or zit will develop in the most obvious place and at the worst time.

So, it doesn’t surprise me when people ask me “how to remove zits naturally?

While we could discuss the step by step process of getting rid of a zit fast.

How to Remove Zits

I’d rather empower you to make the decision that is best for you by giving you the knowledge you need to decide for yourself.

We’ve all heard that under no circumstances should you “pop a zit or pimple”.

Under certain conditions I would agree, however, the logical and calculating risk taker side of me tends to lean a slightly different direction.

Getting rid of a pimple or zit, including blackheads, in a very short amount of time doesn’t have to be complicated but this discussion is really based on the condition of your skin at the time.

How to Remove Zits Overnight

The largest road block to any type of pimple or zit going away is what?

There is stuff trapped within a pore or pores in the skin.

The trapped material that includes oil, sweat, dead skin, dirt, bacteria, other bodily fluids and the resulting pus, lies within the skin causing inflammation and a blemish.

The logical thought is, if you get the stuff out of the pore and clean it, the zit or pimple should heal and go away, right?

Yes, that’s right. However, that logical and simple reasoning often leads to more damage and acne that actually lasts longer and may appear more severe than it is.

How to Get Rid of Zits Fast

The reason for this is that while popping a zit or pimple may be exactly what we think is needed to get the bad stuff out and let the body heal, the timing and methods used are what make the difference between helping and hurting your skin.

I discuss why popping a pimple or zit can be so bad for your skin in a different article.

You’re probably going to pop that pimple that’s greeting the rest of the world before you can say “hi” anyway, so let’s talk about that.

Normally we start to notice a pimple as it starts to grow under the skin.

The area might be red and tender already and likely there is a firm nodule that feels as if it’s just under the skin.

How to Remove Pimples Overnight

The key here is helping the body heal itself.

A “whitehead” of closed comedone is called that because the top of the infected pore is closed.

What the body needs to do is get that material that is trapped inside to come to the surface of the skin so the pore can open up and the body can expel or get rid of the contents in the pimple.

Once the pimple is empty, the skin is cleaned, and the inflammation in the tissue and skin surrounding the pimple has cleared up, the pimple is gone.

Once the stuff inside the pimple is out, the body can do the rest pretty quick.

Again, the key is helping what is under the skin come to the surface, without forcing it.

How to Remove Pimples Naturally and Permanently

Forcing the material to the surface, by squeezing or pushing it through is probably going to tear the skin surrounding the infected pore.

If the material is forced to the surface by squeezing or pushing it through and the skin tears, what happens is the body is now having to treat and heal an entirely different injury to the skin.

This can result in more skin redness than before you start, a bleeding or scabbed over blemish on your skin and possibly a scar.

Not to mention it will take days before even the small tears in the skin can heal.

If you are going to help the body remove the content of the pimple or zit, then you have to help the body bring them to the surface.

The results are a whitehead that appears faster than it normally would.

How to Remove Pimples in One Day

The best method I’ve used and have recommended to people is using a hot compress.

A wash cloth, that is soaked in hot water and then applied to the area does a number of things to help the pimple develop so the contents can be removed safely.

Keep in mind, the water you soak the wash cloth in shouldn’t be any hotter than water you would take a bath or shower in.

The skin on your face is sensitive and you have to be careful not to burn it.

As you apply a hot compress to the area where the pimple is the skin pores in that area begin to open.

How to Remove Pimples Fast

The moist heat also softens any blockage that may be at the surface of the pore.

Both of these actions release some of the pressure at the surface of the skin making it easier for the contents of the pimple to naturally make their way to the surface without adding pressure.

Something else the hot compress does is increase blood flow to the skin in that area. Why is that important?

Increased blood flow means an increase in the nutrients skin and all other organs need to heal.

The more nutrients come in, the faster the tissue can heal. It also brings in white blood cells.

These cells are designed to kill harmful bacteria, so if these harmful bacteria are present in the pore, the white blood cells can assist in the healing process.

If there is redness surrounding the pimple at all, that means that the skin surrounding that pore are inflamed as well.

Fast Ways to Get Rid of Pimples

Any increase in blood flow will help remove the chemicals in the skin that are related to inflammation.

With time, persistence and repeated applications of the hot compress the materials inside the pimple should begin to make their way to the surface.

Once you see the whitehead form, it’s time to move on to the next step.

The whitehead you see is a combination of sweat, skin oil, dirt, dead skin, and body fluids resting just below the skin.

How to Remove Pimples Dark Spots

The layer of skin that separates the stuff inside the pimple with the outside is in most cases a layer of dead skin.

There are a number of techniques you can use to remove that small dot of dead skin that is the “whitehead”.

A skin exfoliator with a hot wash cloth or cleansing cloth works well. Often times that dead layer of skin can be pulled off by hand.

Once the top layer of dead skin is removed the contents are ready to come out.

It’s not unusual for material from inside the pimple to come out immediately once the top is removed and so it the pressure within the pimple.

However, not all of the contents will come out on their own. This is the part most people are used to.

How to Remove Pimples Quickly

We want to get as much of the contents of the pimple out, so the body can heal as quickly as possible.

In order to do this apply gentle pressure beginning about a fingers width on either side of the pimple.

Doing this helps the pressure begin from under the pore and not to its side or top which would force the material in a direction besides out.

If gentle pressure doesn’t work, go back to the compress and allow the most heat to work longer.

How to Remove Pimples Instantly

Once, you think you have removed as much of the pimples contents as you can or are comfortable with start addressing the inflammation of the skin.

Soft tissue generally heals the same, so applying the rules of treating an injured muscle or ligament work as well.

Ice and Rest

The rest part is easy. Leave the healing pore alone. Don’t try and extract anything else from it.

You have to give the body time to do what it needs to do.

If you continually try and remove some small piece of pimple material you may have left behind, you are making the body start over from square one over and over again.

Ice: Let me say that no one likes ice, at least not on the skin.

You can skip this step if you’d like but reducing the inflammation in the healing pore and the surrounding tissue will help speed the recovery process.

Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel so that on edge is exposed.

Then using the exposed side of the ice cube begin rubbing it in the healing pore in a circular motion.

Continue this until the skin feels numb and stop.

Be sure to stop when the skin feels numb.

How to Remove Pimples Tips

You’ll be doing this process again, called an ice massage, in about 30 minutes.

Doing the ice massage this way avoids damaging the skin from the cold ice.

You can repeat this process up to 6 six times.

Rest is the most important step.

Remember, the best treatment for acne is to be able to cure it by addressing the causes of acne not the symptoms.

We’re human though and how we look and feel are important to us

I’m giving you the knowledge you need so you can make the decisions that are right for you.