How to Minimize Pores Naturally

How to Minimize Pores Naturally

How to Minimize Pores Naturally: All about Minimizing Pores – The BEST Tips Ever (Not only women should read this… (a number of men do it as well)

If you’re not comfortable with the pores enlarged on your skin face and want to learn more about minimizing pores, here’s definitely what you should take a look at.

You know, more than 75% of people get the same problem as yours in their post-puberty period, so large pores (together with other problems like blemishes, acnes…) is a common trouble.

That’s the only reason I wrote this note, I composed it for who want to learn a little bit about their skin and, of course, how to shrink down the swelled up pores.

How to Minimize Pores Naturally

Pores, You May Hate them but in Fact, they’re Innocent

In this section I’m going to share with you all the things about pores. First of all, the pores on your skin, especially your face area, are very important. Their usual mission is to provide oil to keep your skin soft and humid.

When they are blocked by some outside effects, you can see enlarged points doted all over you face, especially on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Why they’re so “visible”? There are two main reasons: age and environment.

As you get older, the elasticity of your skin plummets and under the effects of things like sun, dust, the pores are irritated and dilated.

One more thing, because your skin loses partially its elasticity and gets thicker over time, some tiny skin cells around the edge of the pores expand and leave visible small circles on your face.

Another reason that can be contributed to larger pores is blackheads. Blackheads are actually dirt accumulated under the skin around the pores, when dirt piles up; it causes the pore’s diameter to expand.

How to Reduce Pores Naturally At Home

Remember that You can actually Minimize Your Enlarged Pores

This part of the note will, hopefully, satisfy ones who are searching for prevention. I’m going to list out 4 most successful, according to my experience, steps of minimizing pores.

I think that a list of just 4 things-to-do about minimizing pores is much more applicable than a list of 10 or 15 items.

I have to tell at the beginning that you won’t have heard of laser or something very up market and somehow expensive in this note, because through years I believe that natural and physical treatments shows better effects than chemical.

Minimizing Pores Step 1: Keep Your Face Clean

I always remember what grandma told me when I was around 13 year-old: “If you want to be beautiful, be clean first!” I believe that many of you readers will agree with that simple so-called principle of being good-looking.

The cleanliness of the skin will reduce hugely the possibility that your pores are unwontedly enlarged. “Clean and smooth as a peeled onion”, that’s what I really hope that you will actually do in the first step. Remember, only in the dictionary that “beautiful” lies before “clean”.

Minimizing Pores Step 2: Wash Your Face Twice a Day (but not once or three times)

Washing is always an important part of skincare. I strongly recommended you to wash your face twice a day in order to shrink your pores – once in the morning after you get up and the other just before you go to bed.

After a day, your skin have been contacting with different effects from the environment and washing it at the end of the day will remove all the dirt on your skin, and enable it to “breathe”.

After a night on bed, despite of your good sleep, your pores don’t take a rest at all; they keep releasing oil to hydrate your skin face.

That’s why in the morning, in order to shrink the pores, you have to wash your face again to take away the amount of oil that your pores have released all night long, this amount of oil can be an ideal environment for dust and dirt to stick on your skin and cause pores to expand their diameters.

Minimizing Pores Step 3: Face Mask

Face mask is always an extraordinary weapon against enlarged pores. As I told you before, the pores are enlarged when they are blocked by dust and dirt, and a well-used face mask can help you get rid of these hateful things on your face.

According to my experience, a face mask made by egg white is the most effective one in minimizing your pores.

It’s inexpensive also, and has a lot more good effects on your skin more than just reducing your enlarged pores; it can help you put an end to acne and its relatives.

In addition, egg-white is a natural cleanser that has positive effects on the deepest layer of your skin. Furthermore, egg-white face mask can also remove the excessive oil on your skin.

Another type of face mask that I’ve usually been recommended to try is honey, but personally I think it just provides more vitamins to your skin (because 90% of honey is different types of sugar) rather than helps your pores to shrivel.

Some websites will refer to pore strips as a good way of minimizing pores, it is actually, but be careful when use it, because you may experience extreme pain when you strips the patch out of your skin.

Minimizing Pores Step 4: Exfoliate

Exfoliate is the process of removing oldest dead skin cells. You should know that our skin is combined of different layers and dead skin cells are the outermost one.

Exfoliation helps removing this unwanted skin layer as well as shrinking the enlarged pores on it and revealing the brighter layer of skin under.

There are two types of exfoliation, physical and chemical scrubs. I strongly recommended the first one, with only a grasp of sugar or salt, you can actually enjoy a spa at home.

Sugar or salt will act as pores minimizers, by rubbing your skin they get dead old skin cells as well as other dirt out of your face.

Following 4 steps mentioned above will help you minimizing pores with ease and effectively. No more pores, no more pain. It also means more confidence for you.

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