How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness

How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness

How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness: Under eye puffiness is a small, yet a major problem for most of the people. Some people face seriously swelled or I would rather say puffed eyes when they wake up from sleep.

The under eye puffs may occur due to various reasons which may include lack of sleep, ample salt intake in your food, no cardio exercise on regular basis, a sinus infection can also cause puffed eyes, whereas even your sleeping position may also contribute to it.

Lastly, a factor that could not be neglected is a person’s age. Increasing age may cause your facial muscles to weaken/ loosen just like all the other muscles of human body.

Similarly to the entire body muscles, facial muscles lose their elasticity as well, whilst their ligaments being stretched causing permanent formation of under eye sags.

How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness

One other factor that readily contributes to temporary under eye puffiness is crying. Probably, you’ve spent a night crying, what you will notice the very next morning is that your eyes will be swelled.

Imagine, you’ve got an important meeting/presentation and you ought to appear just perfect from head to toe and then you’ve got these seriously gross looking eye puffs.

Don’t panic as simple home remedies may help you in immediately getting you rid from your under eye puffs.

How To Fix Swollen Eyelids

The simple home remedies to fix the under eye puffiness may not consume a lot of your precious time, but will surely help in vanishing away those severely puffed eyes.

Solution to fix under eye puffiness

Simple steps may include:

Tea bags- What could be done is take a tea bag and dip it for 2 to 5 minutes in reasonably warm water. Take it out and let it cool for some time. Once they’ve cooled down close your eyes and place the tea bags on your eye lids.

Cucumbers- cucumbers naturally have soothing and astringent properties and these properties help in constricting blood vessels of your eyes. Lay back, relax and place a fine sliced cucumber on your eye lids.

Refrigerated spoons – Now, all you have to do is place table spoons in your freezers and let them cool. Once they are cool enough, take them out and place the curved end of the spoon downwards on your eye lids and wait for the refrigerated spoons do their work efficiently.

Egg whites – simply, whip up 2 egg whites until smooth, use a soft piece of cloth or probably a brush and apply like a paste underneath your eye lids. And wash away after 5 to 10 minutes, the puffiness will surely vanish making the skin under your eyes tighter.

Potatoes– take a potato, peel, wash and finely grate it. Now tie the grated potato in a piece of cloth and make a poultice. Place the poultice on your eyes for 15 minutes.

How to Fix Puffy Eyelids – Do not forget

The best and the easiest way to reduce under eye puffiness when you are running out if time, is to hydrate and nourish your eye area.

Drink ample of water, reduce your intake of salt, and keep your head elevated while sleeping to avoid accumulation of fluids underneath your eyes.

Lastly, get enough sleep to make sure you rise up fresh without puffed eyes.

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