How to Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes: Let’s face it, no one enjoys seeing dark under eye circle marks on their face.  They create the perception that you are more tired, exhausted, and even OLDER than you really are.

I think that it’s safe to say that dark circles around the eyes are the most unattractive signs of aging that start to appear as you get older.

Wrinkles are bad, but at least EVERYONE starts developing them over time.  You can even refer to them as “wisdom” marks to make yourself feel better 🙂 With dark undereye circle marks, nothing makes them sound appealing!

Thankfully though, there are skin care solutions available that can significantly reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

The choices of dark circle eye cream products and treatments can be dizzying at first.  But with a little guidance, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the best dark circle treatment.

How to Eliminate Dark Circles Under Eyes

When you are trying to remove dark circles around eyes, there are a few key issues within your skin that need to be addressed….

First of all, you need to target the main cause of dark undereye circle marks.  As blood flows through the tiny little blood vessels underneath your skin around the eyes, some red blood cells end up leaking into the surrounding tissues.

This itself happens frequently, and there are enzymes in your body that break down these molecules.

However, the excess hemoglobin components that are left behind create the dark black/blue color underneath your skin.  This is where it all starts.

On top of this, your skin naturally becomes thinner as you get older.  The skin on your face is already the thinnest on your entire body, so age only makes it easier for dark eye circles, puffy eye bags, and wrinkles to develop.

Taking measures to keep the skin as thick as possible will help reduce the appearance of any unwanted aging sign around the eyes.

It will also help to increase collagen and elastin protein production within the skin, which are the “building blocks” of your skin that keep it firm, tight, and elastic.

As you get older, these proteins start breaking down and your body cannot produce as many new proteins as it use to when you were much younger.

What Eye Cream for Dark Circles Need to Do to Be Effective

In order to actually eliminate dark circles under eyes, a dark circle eye cream (specifically, the ingredients that make up the product) needs to do a few important things:

*Make blood vessel walls thicker and stronger to prevent blood cell leakage

*Boost and improve circulation under the eyes

*Stimulate new cell growth to keep the skin around the eyes as thick as possible

*Remove excess hemoglobin components, which is what creates the dark blue/black color beneath the eyes

*Encourage the production of more collagen and elastin proteins NATURALLY within the skin to increase skin firmness and elasticity.