Vitamin C in Skin Care Products

Vitamin C in Skin Care Products

Vitamin C is commonly used in anti-aging and wrinkle removing skin care products. The chief purpose of using vitamin C in these products is that it facilitates the production of collagen, which is essential for the skin to remain healthy.

It also has the ability to deal with free radicals that pose a threat to the skin. There is a major drawback in vitamin C based skin care products. They are prone to oxidation when exposed to oxidizing agents such as air and are rendered worthless for use.

Vitamin C in Skin Care Products

It tends to reveal a yellowish-brown color when oxidized and so you must check for the properties of the product you wish to buy before you purchase it.

However, it does not end here because you need to be careful where you store the product apart from which you should check it regularly to see that it has not changed it’s color.

Producers of vitamin C skin care products have continuously been experimenting and moderating their products to achieve better results.

One of their endeavors have shown that using a stronger composition of vitamin C can result in a longer lasting vitamin C skin care product.

Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

Sadly, the use of a stronger vitamin C content makes the product even more expensive than it already is. This would result in the loss of business for the producers of the product.

Another procedure that can be followed is to make use of vitamin C by-products like magnesium ascorbyl and ascorbyl palmitate, which cost less and are more enduring.

Though these by-products are not as efficient as vitamin C itself, they are far more durable and therefore a better choice. Besides, their reactions are milder, making them less prone to skin irritations.

Vitamin C and Skin Health

Not all people react to a product in the same way and it is true that vitamin C skin care products do not suit all skin types and therefore it cannot be regarded as an ideal skin treatment.

So, if you fail to notice a difference in the way your skin looks, it is evident that the product is not suitable for you. It is not that the product is of no good, it’s just that it does not suit your skin type.

However we have tomorrow to look forward to, as extensive research is carried out to come up with a more effective vitamin C skin care product.