Skin Care For Men

Skin Care for Men

‘Men’s Skin Care’ may have been an alien subject a few years ago and may still sound strange to some, but most men today are aware of the importance of men’s skin care and therefore you can see an influx of men’s skin care products in the markets.

Although men have a different skin type as compared to women, ‘Men’s Skin Care’ is almost the same as skin care for the fairer sex. As is common with women’s skin care, ‘Men’s Skin Care’ too begins with cleansing and the choice again lies on water-soluble cleansers.

Skin Care for Men

As we all know that cleansers help clean dirt, oil and other pollutants and prevent the clogging of pores, it is an essential part of a man’s skin care routine, as they tend to have an excessively oily skin.

Cleansing is crucial and must be done a minimum of once a day but if it is possible to do so twice a day, it will be of greater benefit. It is advisable not to use soap on the face.

The basic structure of a ‘Man’s Skin Care’ relies on shaving and shaving cream, gel and foam are the primary men’s skin care products.

Proper Men’s Skin Care

For proper ‘men’s skin care’, it is essential to choose the right products and equipments required for shaving. The chief concern should be on selecting those that best suit your skin, as all skin types have different levels of oils in them.

After shave lotions containing alcohol must be ignored besides which, it is imperative that you buy a good quality razor. Swivel-head razors are considered a good buy, as they help to limit cuts.

It is also essential to use the products and equipments wisely and with great care. Try to be gentle on your skin while using a razor and use smooth strokes instead of causing abrasions on the skin through harsh strokes.

Remember it is hair that you are trying to get rid of and not the skin. Men’s skin is far more oilier and thicker than that of women, as they have bigger pores and more vigorous sebaceous glands.


Regular shaving can cause skin dehydration and therefore it is necessary to use a moisturizer, thereby making it an essential part of a man’s skin care.

Moisturizing cream or gel must be used after a shave. Most of the shaving gels and foams have an integrated moisturizer.

The best way of applying a moisturizer is to gently pat it on the skin and then be worked into the skin by massaging it with upward strokes.

Although men are not easily prone to skin cancer due to UV radiation, it is vital to use a sunscreen and must be included in a man’s skin care routine.

A moisturizer that also has a sunscreen effect would be a good buy. It is also feasible to include men’s skin care products that contain natural extracts such as aloe vera, coconut, sea salt etc in a ‘Man’s Skin Care’ regime.

Also products containing lavender, tea tree etc provides natural antiseptic oils that can form a part of men’s skin care.

Men Skin Care Formula

For men skin care formulas need to be made up of all natural compounds that are included because of their ability to soothe, and deeply moisturize the skin.

A lot of the skin care formulas for men contain petroleum based moisturizing agents, which in all honesty will not do anything for your skin.

In fact, these supposed moisturizing compounds may leave your skin even drier than it was before.

Skin care for men should involve ingredients that are effective in treating the problems that men suffer, and the products have to be free of chemicals.

Your skin deserves the very best treatment possible, and products featuring the ingredients I mentioned here will truly help you to get your skin in top notch condition. These compounds really work.

Skin care for men should consist of superior plant based moisturizing agents such as Capuacu butter, which is known for having a soothing effect on the skin.

This compound is rich in essential fatty acids and provides your skin with antioxidants for reversing oxidative cell damage.

It is also effective at protecting your skin from the sun’s rays, and in healing burns.

Men Beauty Tips

A ‘Man’s Skin Care’ routine is not very demanding and takes only a few minutes of your time each day, but when you consider its benefits for today as well as for the long run, those few minutes are totally insignificant.