How to Make a Skin Care Routine

How to Make a Skin Care Routine

Some women are just fortunate. They are fortunate enough to be born with skin that is always silky smooth, whether its their face, shoulders or hands it seems to be naturally flawless.

I wish I would have been born with eternally youthful skin, but being that it was not the case there is some advice I can give to my younger counter parts to ensure that they have some measure of preservation of the gift of youthful skin.

Its never too late to begin a simple skin care regimen that will pay dividends as you as you grow older and endeavor to stave off the effects of aging.

How to Make a Skin Care Routine

A basic skin care regimen will consist of four steps:

Step 1: Cleansing Depending on who you ask, cleansing can be anything from a simple splash of water, to a dense formulated cream that one could mistake for a northern style soup.

The key seems to be ones choice of soap, and specifically eliminating the use of any bar soap in washing the soap.

This without a doubt will ensure your skin is dried out as the oil from the soap will dissolve your natural oils which will be further removed from rinsing with water.

Step 2: Exfoliate Have you ever wondered why your husband’s skin looks more youthful than yours?

Believe it or not its his shaving routine. Now this is not to suggest you pick up a razor, but what shaving does do is exfoliate a man’s skin.

Using a good kit once a week will remove that top layer of dead skin cells that can dull your skin, and keep your skin fresh all year around.

Step 3: Moisturize unless your experiencing an additional onset of puberty and develop severe acne, there is not a skin type in existence that can’t use some form of moisturizer.

Its a myth that oily skin doesnt require moisturizers, as the main purpose of any moisturizer is to actually seal moisture in.

The same moisturizer can be used on your eyes to ensure you keep the crows from landing on your face.

Step 4: USE SUNSCREEN! I ignored this for a very long time, and it is a huge reason as to why my skin looked so old at such a young age.

California sun as nice as it is will wreak havoc on your skin. I choose to use products that combine some form of UV protection on days where my exposure is not as extreme as say a day at the beach.

Im also partial to any combined product that contains zinc oxide, a great ingredient for healing any damage.

How to Make a Skincare Routine

So young women use this information wisely, and take care of the largest organ you have especially from the neck up.  Happy Beautifying!