How to Look Younger than Your Age Home Remedies

How to Look Younger than Your Age Home Remedies

Perfect, flawless, smooth, and healthy skin is what everybody wants to achieve. But if you are wondering how to look younger than your age, it doesn’t come in just a snap.

Perfecting your skin and getting it to be the way you want it to require effort and care on your part. If you want to have perfect skin, you have to learn how to take care of it, and how to deal with some of the “problems” that it brings you along the way.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is practically the most visible, being all over the body. It is then, no wonder that so many people aim to get the most beautiful skin they can possibly have.

For most people who have a problem with dark skin color and uneven tones, it’s always a question of how to look younger than your age home remedies that is fair, evenly toned skin and finding the right remedy and treatment can sometimes be truly frustrating.

There are always concerns of how effective the treatments will be, if there will be any side effects, and many other things.

How to Look Younger than Your Age Home Remedies

Below, you’ll learn about what you can do in order to know how to make your face look younger, perfect, beautiful and flawless skin naturally.

Know Your Skin Type

Knowing what kind of skin type you have helps in determining how to care for it best.

Do you have oily skin, sensitive, or dry skin? Read up on the different skin types so you’ll be in the know of what regimens and products you can use, and what to avoid.

If you are searching how to look younger naturally at home you should know that the first step to looking and feeling great is being healthy.

Make sure you have a nutrient and vitamin enriched diet. Vitamins B, C, E, A, and K all have beneficial effects on your skin, keeping it glowing and radiant.

Here’s a Short List of What each Vitamin can do for You:

  • Vitamins for Clearing Up Your SkinVitamin B – good for hair, nails, and forms the basis of skin. Get it from oatmeal, eggs, bananas, rice.
  • Vitamin C – helps to protect from sun exposure. Citrus fruits, berries, cauliflower, and leafy greens all have vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E – for protection against sun exposure as well. Can be found in olives, spinach, nuts, and seeds.
  • Vitamin A – essential for the repair of skin tissue. Otherwise, skin turns dull and gets flaky. Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin K – to help reduce under eye circles and bruises. Get it from leafy greens, and meats such as pork and liver.

Remember that drinking lots of water is also good for clearing up your skin and removing unwanted impurities from your body, so make sure you cleanse internally!

Exercise for Clear, Glowing and Smooth Skin

Exercise is a great way to improve your skin. Exercise is has a great effect on your skin condition.

Experiencing on a daily basis gets your blood flowing. As a result, more oxygen is provided in your skin cells.

Exercise Skin Benefits

  • You sweat which cleans your pores inside out
  • Your immune system develops more strength and resistance. With that being said, the healing process speeds up, scars may begin to fade and will help you maintain healthy skin.
  • Your internal organs function at a better rate, which successfully removes toxins from our body quickly and effectively
  • Your hormones are re-balanced helping you maintain a stabilized production of sebum. Therefore reducing the growth of acne.
  • Your organism is able to function properly and you are able to set free at a faster rate.
  • Doing any type of exercise at least 15 minutes everyday is a great habit to develop.

Here I will list things you can do before, after and during your exercise sessions.

  • Consult a doctor determine with accuracy what is the right exercise for you to do.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes
  • Wear the right athletic attire for the type of exercise you will be going. (Shoes, socks, etc.)
  • Hydration is key. You have to be hydrated at all times. Being hydrated will provide your body with the sufficient amount of fluids. The fluids will allow your body to benefit from your exercise session.
  • It is important that you do aerobic exercise, which will relax your body while you are eliminating toxins.

Examples of Aerobic Exercises:

  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Walking

Practice Yoga for Healthy Skin

Some simple yoga practices can help improve the blood circulation to the skin.

Certain yoga poses can help reduce facial wrinkles and also create a “face-lift”.

Pranayama helps improve blood circulation and increases oxygen content in the blood, regular practice leads to a glowing radiant skin.

Others asanas like Siddhasana and Sarvangasana improves blood supply to the facials tissues improving the skin tone.

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Sunscreen is Essential for Younger, Fair and Good Looking Skin

Keep out of the sun. This is one of the most, if not the most important point when it comes to getting lighter skin.

If you are aiming for lighter skin, avoid staying in the sun as much as possible, as skin darkening and discoloration is almost always caused by sun exposure.

Also, always put on some sun block before going out – a minimum of SPF 30 is the most recommended.

Use Hat to Protect Your Skin

Use Hat to Protect Your SkinA simple way on how to keep perfect, beautiful, glowing, nice and lighter skin is by wearing a hat.

It’s fashionable, protective, and inexpensive as well.

A hat gives your face good protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Exfoliation Helps to Make Your Skin Healthy and Perfect

Take some time and exfoliate your skin a few times a week. This will remove dull, dead skin cell from the surface of your skin and reveal the brighter, glowing, healthy cells.

This is an effective treatment if you’re learning how to get perfect, Glowing, Clear, Beautiful, Whiter and lighter skin, especially if your current skin tone is darker than what it normally is.

Make your own exfoliate by mixing sugar or sand into liquid soap or body wash.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol ConsumptionSmoking cigarettes can leave your skin dry, increase wrinkles and lead to premature skin aging. Why does this happen?

The various chemicals present in the cigarette smoke enter the blood stream from the lungs and damage all the body organs including your skin.

These chemicals trigger skin oxidation which creates free radicals that attack the skin cells and result in dried, yellowish skin. The tiny cracks on damaged skin increase water loss and chemical absorption leading to more skin dryness.

Alcohol leads to dehydration of skin leaving it dry and unhealthy. Over consumption of alcohol can make the skin dull, reduce its color and deteriorate its texture.

People who have dry skin problems aggravate the condition by alcohol intake. So quit smoking and lower your drinking, a great tip for clear & glowing skin.

Avoid Over Consumption of Dairy Products

Though there is no concrete evidence, research has proven a link between consumption of milk/dairy products and acne.

Many people have in fact observed a reduction in skin problems like pimples, acne and blackheads when they reduced their diary consumption.

One reason is that consuming dairy products causes us to ingest hormones produced by the cow, this can have an unhealthy effect on our body in general and skin in particular.

Avoid Over-Usage of Cosmetics, Hard Soaps and Make-Up

Avoid Over-Usage of Cosmetics, Hard Soaps and Make-UpMost make up products contain potential skin irritants than can damage the skin matrix and cells.

Long lasting make up is particularly harmful as it tends to contain more chemicals.

Make up remover can also irritate the skin. You can’t get a really smooth and clear skin if you keep exposing it to chemicals. Regular use of cosmetic should be avoided.

Most of these products have little positive effect on the skin but they cause skin irritation due to the chemicals present in them. Avoid the use of chemical facials, soaps and toners.

They might give you quick short term results while damaging your skin in the long term. Wash your face with plain cold water several times a day but avoid using soaps or gels every time.

Soak in the Morning Sun

The best source of Vitamin D is early morning mild sunshine. You can soak up the morning sun by exercising in the open.

If you have a terrace you can practice yoga or meditation in the open sun.

Avoid contact with noon sun as it can be harsh on the skin. Mild sun rays have a beneficial effect while harsh sun rays can damage the skin.

Drink Maple Water, Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you are dehydrated your skin will look dry and rough, so it’s important to drink ample water. It also helps detoxify the body and keeps the body temperature in control.

It’s a good practice to sip a little water regularly instead of gulping down a lot of water in one go.

Don’t wait for the body to feel thirsty, keep supplying water regularly so that it circulates through the body and helps keep the skin from getting dry.

Use Natural Facials and Mud Packs

Here are a few simple tips to nourish your skin with natural products.

  • You can use lime juice to make your skin look young and beautiful. Just squeeze some lime juice in warm water and cleanse your face with it before going to bed.
  • You can make a face pack out of blanching and grinding almonds and mixing it with egg white and lime juice. This is a really simple & easy to implement tip for clear skin.
  • In order to improve your skin complexion just massage the inside of peach skin on your face before going to sleep. Wash with warm water in the morning.
  • The juice of apple, orange, water melon, carrot and tomato work great to remove blemishes on the skin.
  • Applying a mask of grated or blended cucumber can help nourish your skin and make it soft. The use of cucumber also helps prevent pimples, wrinkles and skin dryness.
  • Yogurt is a great natural aid for the skin. Just apply a paste made from lentil mixed with yogurt on your face and leave it on for 30 minutes to cleanse your skin and give it a glow.
  • A mixture of turmeric, sandalwood paste, olive oil and honey can help make your skin soft and moist. This is especially helpful if you have a dry skin problem.

Is Laughing Good for My Skin?

Is Laughing Good for My Skin?Laughing is an amazing simulator. Just by laughing you are able to stimulate your respiratory system, hormonal system and brain.

Laughing is one of the greatest and easiest ways of reducing anxiety and stress. As we know stress causes hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance causes oil production from you glands. By laughing you are able to decrease all those hormones that cause stress.

Laughing on a daily basis is a great way to feel great, decrease stress, decrease anxiety, and most importantly can help you achieve flawless skin naturally.

Does Makeup Cause Acne?

Does Makeup Cause Acne?If you use makeup you should try to use a oil free makeup. Make sure it is water based so it will not clog your pores.

When applying the makeup it is important to have good hygiene. If you exercise do not apply makeup because if you start sweating the make up may trigger bacteria growth.

It is crucial to remove all of the makeup before going to sleep. Your make up tools should be cleaned a few times per month.

If You have Acne Prone Skin follow these Steps:

  • Make sure that your tools are clean at all times
  • Use a moderate amount of makeup and apply the same amount on every section of your face.
  • Use disposable cotton pads or sponges to prevent the spread of bacteria on your makeup bottles, than will eventually end up on your face.
  • Like the actual make up, moisturize your skin evenly on your entire face. Not applying it evenly may cause acne and will clog your pores.

Is there any Effect of Sleeping on Your Skin?

Effect of Sleeping on Your SkinSleep is essential for getting clear skin. When we sleep our body recharges from all of the energy it lost during the day.

But most importantly it repairs and rejuvenates while we sleep. It’s working on regenerating out skin cells. Sleeping is optimal for flawless skin.

In the contrary if you do not sleep you many not only suffer from acne but also memory loss, short attention span, sleep deprivation, and even may lead to diabetes.

To avoid “All Nighters” Here are Some Tips to Achieving Restful Nights of Sleep.

Tips for Sleeping Right

  • Do not eat before going to bed. Try to do not intake foods of foods at least 4 hours from your bedtime.
  • Do not go to bed stressed out. It is very important to go to sleep with a clear mind
  • Make sure your room is dark and noiseless. Unplugging and electrical devices is highly recommended before going to sleep.
  • GO TO BED EARLY. This is the most important of all. The best hours to sleep is from 11:00pm to 7:00am

Can Stress affect Your Skin?

Stress does not create acne all on its own. Stress may only cause acne if you have a malnutrition and If you are genetically prone to it.

What stress does is it over stress stimulates the adrenal glands causing an increase an overproduction of hormones.

The adrenal glands also produce nor epinephrine and adrenaline. These hormones cause an in the speed of your metabolism and increase your blood glucose level so are able to handle any stressful situation.

Stress weakens your immune system. Moreover, decreases the system strength when it come to healing wounds and inflammations, including acne.

It’s all in the Mind

It is important to know how to control stress because not only you will life a happier life, but you will also improve your skin condition.

Identify the Source

To control stress it is important to know where the stress comes from. It may be your current job, divorce, living standard, your mom, your boss, your dog etc. stress can come from any place and it’s your job to figure out from where.

Once you find the sources begin to examine or experiment how to control them. A great way to start off is by asking yourself, ” what are my alternatives to encountering these sources of stress?”

Dominate, do not be dominated.

Home Remedies to Look Younger, Smooth, Beautiful and Perfect Skin

Home remedies should be applied daily for optimum results. A safe and natural home remedy that has been effective at lightening the complexion and remove dark spots includes: lemon juice, Castor oil, buttermilk, Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar and dandelion sap.

Bonus Tips for Fair, Nice, Whiter and Flawless Skin

  • A mixture of milk powder, lemon juice, honey, and about half a teaspoon of almond oil will bring a nice glow and effectively lighten your skin. Leave this solution on your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes then wash it off.
  • Mix some oatmeal with yogurt and some tomato juice. Leave it on your face as a mask for about 20 minutes. These ingredients are also very effective skin whitening agents.
  • Put on a yogurt mask and wash it off with milk – both are natural skin lightening agents.
  • One of the best skin whitening tip is using a slice if potato to remove blemish marks. Get a slice of raw potato and place it on your face (on the spot you’d like to treat); this will help reduce the appearance of blemishes and other uneven marks.
  • Aside from lemon being a popular skin brighter agent, lime juice is another citrus fruit that works just as well. Mixing lime juice with some turmeric powder is another great skin lightening concoction.
  • Aside from considering a sound eating regimen, practicing your body additionally helps keep your skin solid. Note that a legitimate activity does not just keep the body fit by controlling the oxygen; it additionally enhances the shine of the skin

If you are not too keen on taking after skin whitening tips for home made treatments, then there are plenty of options for skin whitening treatments from some of the most trusted skin care brands out there.

Many of these products will also give you the kinds of results you are looking, although of course these are more expensive options. They might also take a bit of time and results will not come in just a blink of an eye.

Finally, of all the skin fairness tips, clinical and dermatological treatments are the most expensive. However, you can be sure that with these treatments, you will see results in a very short amount of time.

These treatments are usually designed to produce results in just a matter of days. Be careful, however, as not all treatments can be for everyone and can result in certain side effects.

There are several options when it comes to trying to get fairer skin, and these skin whitening tips have tried to outline them for you.

Think about what you are willing to go for and take the treatment you are most comfortable with.

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