How to Look Younger at 40 Naturally

How to Look Younger at 40

How to Look Younger at 40: Beauty is skin deep and here are tip on how to get beautiful skin. If you notice most make-up products aim to give that healthy even toned perfectly peachy glowing skin we naturally had as babies and in our youth.

Over time through sun damage, bacteria, and scarring our skin gets blemished, dry and dull. Through simple regiments you can take care of your skin both externally and internally so that you can be beautiful from within.

Wash Your Face

The skin on our body may be protected by clothing but the face is always exposed. It’s bound to collect pore clogging dirt and oil throughout the day and night so be sure to wash your face first and last thing in the day.

Try to use gentle cleansers because abrasion may worsen your skin without really cleaning it effectively.

How to Look 10 Years Younger at 40 by Drinking Plenty of Water

No one ever said anything bad about drinking water, most people don’t drink enough. It isn’t important how many full glasses of water you drink throughout the day.

You don’t want to spend your whole life in the bathroom. Make sure your skin and lips are supple; if they are dry or if you feel thirsty, drink water!

Eat a Healthful Diet

Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C are great for your immune system and maintaining health skin. Fiber rich food will help keep your digestive system clear and help deliver more oxygen to your skin.

Cut down on sugar and salt and consider using vitamins if you feel that you need more nutrition.

Oxygenate Your Skin

Exercising will help deliver blood and oxygen throughout your body better. Have you ever noticed your skin being clearer and more supple after a good night’s sleep.

Well, that’s because plenty oxygen and blood are in your skin and it can be the key ingredient in how to get beautiful skin. If you don’t have much time for sleep, a good exercise will do the trick.

How to Look Younger at 40 with Honey

How to Look Younger at 40 with HoneyHoney is a great example of a natural healthy ingredient used in many skin care products today, and it is taken orally for overall health.

Olive oil is another ingredient that has good moisturizing and skin soothing properties that is used in many skin care treatments.

Aloe is used in many skin care products. Did you know that they have been used for thousands of years for skin care, in their natural forms? They have and are making resurgence today in a big way.

How to Look Younger at 40 with Skin Care Products

When looking at skin care products gentle is best. Also do a little research on the products that interest you. Products are also made for different skin types such as oily, combination, normal, or dry skin.

Choose products that do not contain alcohol; It is harsh on the skin. Again natural product lines are a good choice for skin care.

Herbal skin care is popular right now, and actually the use of herbs in skin care goes way back to the days of Cleopatra. They are natural and do not contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that can harm your skin.

How to Look Younger at 40 Makeup

Let’s talk makeup. Go natural. There are several natural makeup lines out now. Find on that does not include talc. This kind of makeup is beneficial to your skin.

It does not block pores, and looks natural on your skin. Research the products that interest you and then try before you buy. Choose what looks and feels best on your skin.

How to Look Younger at 40 with Hair Care

Apply mayonnaise as a natural conditioner to your hair. This is best for the dry hair. Let it sit on your hair for half an hour then rinse it with warm water and apply shampoo.

If your hair is very oily then it is excellent to opt for the lemon rinse. Take half cup of strained lemon juice and blend it well with 1 cup of distilled water. Rinse and comb your hair with this solution after your shampooing.

To have an instant and dry form of shampoo you can simply rub the baby powder and then brush your hair thoroughly.

In case you desire to refresh artificial color of your hair or even enhance your natural hair color then it is best to select the herbal rinse. They are quite safe and cost-effective.

There is even no risk if you experiment to find out the best herbal rinse that suits you hair. Only make a point to avoid the colors which are vegetable based or integrate the acidic fruits.

As far as possible avoid utilizing beet juice onto your hair since it is an unpredictable vegetable and gets highly affected by the exposure of sunrays. This effect may not be a great botheration if you are using for the first time but the subsequent usage can lead you hair color to get into many shades which may not look very attractive.

Tone and Moisturize Your Skin

Some people are blessed with naturally healthy beautiful glowing skin that last all throughout their life time. Most of us need extra help to maintain it.

Toners and astringents, like witch hazel, can help clean your skin better and keep the pores smaller so that it can stay less oily and block more dirt from entering the skin.

Moisturizing can make a world of difference. Finding the right lotion is key. Try to use lighter moisturizer during the day and heavier or more nourishing moisturizers to hydrate and replenish your skin overnight.


Dry, dull, flaky skin calls for some buffing. Dead cells can linger on your skin to not only make it look dull but also trap more dirt.

Be sure to use gentle exfoliation methods. Your face is not a wood floor that needs to be sanded down.

Use Sunblock

Long term sun exposure tells your skin it needs to get tougher and tougher because there’s danger out there. Sun damage can make your skin more freckly, mole-ridden, leathery, and possibly cancerous.

Use appropriate dosage of sunblock depending on your activity and allow it to be fully absorbed before sun exposure.

Do you now know how to get beautiful skin? Follow these simple tips for a healthier, glowing skin. If you get stuck or some of these methods don’t work, remember, consulting a dermatologist may be a good idea.

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