How to Increase Collagen

How to Increase Collagen

Discover The Right Ways To Boost Natural Collagen Production And Make Your Skin Look Younger And Beautiful

Natural collagen production in the body decreases with age but sometimes it is accelerated by factors such as pollution, stress and free radicals.

When the collagen production decreases, the elasticity of the skin reduces; thus, the skin becomes thinner, drier and begins to show the visible signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkles.

How to Increase Collagen Production

Fortunately there are ways to boost the natural collagen production in the body to hinder premature aging and reverse the aging process.

There are a lot of creams, lotions and serum that contains collagen. Unfortunately, collagen is not bio-available when rubbed on the skin because of its large molecules.

So, the cream just sits on top of the skin without rendering any positive effect.

Collagen injection, which also contains synthetic liquid collagen ma help to smooth out lines, but the effect, is just temporary; it could also cause allergic reactions because of the synthetic nature of the content.

How to Increase Collagen on the Face and Look Younger

One of the effective ways to boost natural collagen production in the body is by taking in supplements such as vitamin C and E.

Aside from promoting collagen synthesis in the body, vitamin C also helps to enhance the immune system; it is also an anti-oxidant that fights the free radicals that breakdown free radicals and cause premature aging of the skin.

Like vitamin C, vitamin E when taken orally serves as an anti-oxidant. It is a fat soluble vitamin that makes the skin soft, supple and blooming.

These vitamins along with vitamin A and B, which are also skin vitamins, can be derived from natural food sources like fruits and vegetables.

These helpful antioxidants free the body from radicals caused by pollution and stress.

Healthy lifestyle is also important because it prevents collagen from being destroyed in the first place.

Avoid smoking or over exposure to the sun’s ultraviolent rays.

These two things contribute to skin wrinkling and hyper-pigmentation; they could also lead to cancer.

Smoking decreases vitamin c and increase free radicals; taking vitamin c would be useless if one is a smoker.

Exercise and a healthy diet is fool-proof way of increasing natural collagen production.

A healthy diet will provide the body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to produce collagen and exercise will increase blood flow to the skin to aid the process.

How to Increase My Collagen

Another effective way to boost natural collagen production is by using skincare products that contain a collagen booster such as Kollagen Intensiv Cream and Collagen Drink, both contains special bio-active keratin that is proven to not only aid the body in forming collagen and elastin naturally; it also increases cells turn-over.

Thus, it rejuvenates the skin to make it look younger, flawless and glowing.

Other skincare ingredients that promote natural collagen production are Active Manuka honey and Avocado oil.

Aside from containing natural collagen boosters, an effective anti-aging cream should also contain anti-oxidants; one powerful anti-oxidant that gobbles free radicals effectively is Kollagen Intensiv Cream.

It is also known to reverse the aging process to make the skin look youthful and beautiful.