Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women and Men

Common Reasons for Hair Loss

Common Reasons for Hair Loss

I made a list of common reasons for hair loss in women and men.

Hair Loss from Stress

Stress – Is a reason of hair loss. Believe it or not stress can cause a lot of women and men to lose their hair. I mostly notice it in the center of the head, edges, and nape of neck.

It can also cause nearly complete baldness. This form of baldness is not permanent I am not a doctor but meditation always seems to keep me calm. Try letting go of the things that are stressing you out.

Hair Loss from Chemicals

Chemicals – When a relaxer is burning your scalp It doesn’t matter whether the hair is straight or not rinse it out. Even if you are in a salon tell the stylist when the relaxer starts to burn.

You can always get another relaxer later scalp burns can lead to permanent hair loss. It can also lead to scalp disfigurement.

Hair Loss from Bleach and Hair Dyes

Bleach and Hair Dyes – Applying bleach to Afro-American hair when wearing a relaxer is asking for trouble. It can cause scalp burns and hair breakage. Our hair is not design to reach seven stages.

Most damages are reversible once the hair stops breaking off. Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions and hair loss. This form can also be reversible in women.

Hair Loss from Medications

Medications – Most medicines side effects can cause hair loss even permanently. This form is mostly reversible once they finish taking the medication.

Hair Loss from Doo Rags

Doo Rags – Yes, if tied to tight they will rub the hair around the nape of the neck and the side you sleep on. Especially on women who wear wraps. This is also reversible once you switch to a rap cap or satin scarf.

Hair Loss from Micros or Zillions

Micros or Zillions – When choosing someone to do your braids ask around. My first experience with micros where so bad that I haven’t had them since. They were to tight and two small and some fell out from the roots.

I choose not to wear them unless I take the time to do them myself. So far I haven’t gotten around to that yet. If this procedure is to tight it can cause permanent hair loss.

Hair Loss Due to Old Age

Age – Yes, your hair is not as thick in your thirties as it was in your early twenties. The older we become the thinner our hair becomes and a lot of it is due to years of abuse.

It can also be hereditary. If your mother is losing her hair in places as she ages it can also happen to you as well.

Hair Loss from Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata – This is baldness that occurs in different areas of the head. If the scalp is treated early there is hope. A lot of women seem to ignore a small patch of missing hair.

Covering it up seems to suit people pretty well at first. Then panic when the spot becomes bigger. Early detection is the key to saving your hair.

Hair Loss from Alopecia

Alopecia – Many people who suffer from Alopecia lose one hundred percent of the hair on their entire body.

Unfortunately since hair loss is not life threatening, dermatologist really don’t have too many answers. There are others like Provillus who has studied hair loss and is dedicated to finding a cure.

Hair Loss from Glue

Glue – Do I really have to say more? When using hair glue keep it light and soak each track before removing. Never pull a track out of your hair it can lead to permanent hair loss.

Remember never wait or try covering up hair loss. Early detection is the key to saving your hair. There are companies like Provillus dedicated to helping people grow hair.

They are the leading company in hair growth for people dealing with one or more of the above conditions. Wigs and weaves are fun but you will miss your real hair forever.

How to Keep Hair from Falling Out

How to Keep Hair from Falling OutOne way to naturally stop hair loss is to avoid using hot water to wash hair. It is seriously detrimental to the health of the hair shaft and its root when you constantly wash your hair with hot water.

The same goes with the use of a hair dryer, they can make the hair shaft brittle which then leads to breakage as well as weal follicles which can lead to falling hair.

Lessening the application of heat on the scalp is a proven remedy for many people; however it may be considered a case to case basis since there are also many people who use heat on their scalp but do not have as much falling hair as others.

Another way to naturally prevent or stop hair loss is to avoid tying up the hair in tight braids of pony tails. Tight ponytail, braid or any other ways to tie hair can put intense pressure on the hair strands from the scalp thus promoting hair loss.

It is well-recommended by many hair experts to use clamps instead of an elastic band to tie the hair since there is less pressure from these.

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